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you're fired
Since this fandom has taken its regularly scheduled level in awkward inappropriateness, here is a new post. Within this post you can discuss and prompt, if you must, stuff that's considered "metafandom"- e.g. namefags.

The rules of the other meme stand, but there is the additional rule of: Do not prompt porn or post porn of known underage persons. This is a big fucking deal and if such prompts occur I will freeze and/or delete them.

Also, if one of the persons in question asks for a prompt to be removed, I'm sorry, I will have to take them down. 

Ok. This is probably a terrible idea but go for it. I just want to keep this stuff out of the regular kink meme.

Re-request: Codzilla/Stromphe/Benson

I'm not going away until i get this filled and i get it filled right. Surely, oh glorious mod, you understand my upset feelings over that fill I got.
Also, may you take down that clearly offensive one in the other kink thread? I would appreciate it very much.

(Deleted comment)





Trying to fill this thing from bottom to top

So I'm just gonna try and fill these all at once except for NopeXDatregularbro because that was already written.
Waifu was scanning the /coq/ thread and found a link. She clicked on the link and brought her to a page of her favorite homosexual pairing, BensonXSkips. She was excited and niticed that stromphe had signed his name at the bottom. She went to his tumblr page to thank him. She made sure that the note of thanks was simple and clean, but very grateful. All stromphe did was quietly say thanks, but unbeknownst to waifu, he was blushing and his heart was thumping. He had seen her angelic face and wanted to be the man to her, even more than husbando. So one day, he decided to send Waifu an invitation to Chicago. Waifu was questioning the proposal, but decided to take up the offer. Then she took a car and drove to Chicago where Stromphe offered her on a date.
"Oh Matt, I didn't think you'd do this for me. You're so nice!" she smiled. Stromphe blushed, and wondered what to do. He decided to take her to a coffee shop, and then took her to a movie. They enjoyed their time, as the moments seemed to fly like fleeting estacy. As the nightime approached, Stromphe took Waifu to a park. He wanted to confess his feeling but remembered that there was another man in her life. So he took Waifu to a bridge. There they counted the stars. But Waifu being lonely started developing feelings for Stromphe. As they spent their time talking, Stromphe finally confessed. "Waifu, I..." Waifu cut him off, stating "Don't say any more...I know what you want from me..." She pulled Stromphe into a passionate kiss, and seemed to last an eternity to him. "But aren't you married, Waifu?" He asked after that kiss."Well, my husbando isn't there for me...and you're always there. Besides,I've really grown to like you." Stromphe just blushed and pulled Waifu into a hug.
They never spoke of it, but would always cherish those moments.



A story written by a faggot.

The metafandom includes OCs right? If not take down this prompt

Maybe Mordepies conception~?

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