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you're fired
Yeah why not. Go crazy.

* No flames or general nastiness.

* Post anon, named, w/e you want.

* You can request non-porn/non-romance/gen fics and so on! Whether it's porn or not is up to you

* Don't double post requests

* Multiple fills per single request are fine

* Fanart is always welcome.

* Include a warning if your fill includes triggery content. When in doubt, leave a trigger warning


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FILL: Getting Bouncy, 1/2

A/N: Since the request was Human!versions and Benson/Rigby hatesex on the trampoline, I have had to imagine this about six different ways for this to work. Will be in two parts, possibly three.



The short brunette had complained of a stomach cramp early that morning, but when Mordecai went to check on him with Pops, they had both found him in the common room playing video games and scarfing down nachos with extra-hot cheese, bouncing on the sofa and generally making a mess. Mordecai had immediately stormed over to Benson, because the tall boy was sick of doing the chores that both of them were supposed to be doing. Benson had acted accordingly, and was now yelling at Rigby.

"Aww, boo," Rigby skirted around his boss and started going up the stairs, still in his pajamas. "I don't feel good, Benson, honestly. If I stay in trampoline, can you forgive me and let me lay down?"

"You mean in bed?" Benson clenched his fists and followed the younger man up the stairs.

"No, I mean in trampoline; that's what I sleep on," Rigby opened up his shared bedroom and waved a hand at the trampoline, which was piled with clothes. "Now will you go away? I wanna take a nap."


"NO!" Rigby yelled back, sweeping all the clothes off the trampoline in a practiced move. Getting on the trampoline, he sat down facing Benson, defiant. "My stomach is buggin' me, I'm taking a nap!"

Benson stepped into the room, closed the door and locked the door from the inside. He knew he was losing his temper, and he'd really rather not have witnesses if he actually struck Rigby. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, making it almost sound like a hiss.

"Rigby, you need to get dressed in your work clothes and go outside. You're not sick, you're trying to ditch work, and I won't have that. Do it or I will fire you."

"I thought if I kept whining you'd give me something to whine about; what happened to that threat?" Rigby stuck his tongue out at his boss, then clutched his stomach dramatically and let out an exaggerated groan. "Ooh, my stomach, the pain."

"...You're right; I should follow up on one promise before I make another one," Benson replied quietly, rolling up his sleeves and cracking his knuckles.

Rigby watched Benson and looked at the older man's arms, which were a bit more heavily muscled than he had thought, probably due to all the drumming the man did. Rigby swallowed nervously and tried to think of a way to get out of this situation.

"Now Benson, you know I was just kidding around, right? Just pushing your buttons a little bit, nothing serious," Rigby's eyes widened when Benson stepped closer, then gave up the ruse of apology since it wasn't going to work. Might as well go down swinging. "Really, Benson, what are you gonna do? Yell at me some more? Pfft, like that's anything new. And you're not going to hit me-"

"Says who?" Benson took another step forward as he interrupted Rigby.


"Who says I'm not going to hit you?" Benson's smile was tight and almost cruel, a sliver of his normal self.

"Well, you can't hit me, I'm an employee."

"Mr. Maellard told me I can punish employees as I see fit," Benson's smile widened a fraction and Rigby felt himself shiver. "And you're in dire need of punishment."

"What are you going to do?" Rigby hated the way his voice sounded, high-pitched and breathy, but he couldn't move, because against all odds, he was getting really, inexplicably turned on by this side of Benson.

"Bad boys get spanked, Rigby," Benson grabbed Rigby and flipped him over, then landed a sharp open-handed blow to the younger man's backside, "and you've been downright naughty."

Re: FILL: Getting Bouncy, 1/2

OMG SPANKING *dies* Please continue

Re: FILL: Getting Bouncy, 1/2


FILL: Getting Bouncy, 2/3

Rigby shivered at Benson's tone, but yelped at the smack.

"Dude! Can't you think of another way to punish me than spanking? I'll do anything!"

"You mean you'll do anything to get out of a punishment," Benson replied snidely, giving Rigby's ass a series of hard smacks.

"I'll take any other punishment instead of spanking," Rigby scowled as much as he could at Benson from his pinned position. "I mean, seriously man, spanking is for babies; I'm 23!"

"Half the time you act like a whiny toddler," Benson increased the pace he was using to spank Rigby. "You don't take responsibility for anything you do unless you think you can be rewarded in some way. You don't do chores assigned to you and leave other people, usually your friend Mordecai, to clean up your mess! None of that tells me you can be treated like an adult, Rigby."

"I'll blow you!" Rigby shouted, desperate; Benson wasn't holding back during the spanking, and the scruffy young man could tell already he might have bruises on his ass. He could give up a little dignity and offer a little something to Benson to get the assault on his ass to stop.

"You'll what?" Benson asked softly. "Blow me?" The older man snickered, a dark sound coming from him now, and looked down at Rigby with a smirk. "Such an attention whore most of the time, but now you're actually trying to trade sexual favors for me to look the other way?"

"If it means you stop spanking me, then, well, yeah," Rigby wiggled in Benson's grip. "I can make it good for you, man."

"What if it's not enough?"

"...What?" Rigby felt his stomach drop.

"What if you blowing me isn't enough for me to look the other way?" Benson's hand came down on Rigby's ass again, but to caress instead of strike. "What will you offer me then, Rigby?"



"...Is the door locked? Because I don't want anybody walking in on me even suggesting this to y-"

"-I locked it," Benson snapped, smirk still firmly in place. "What are you offering?"

"You...wanna have sex?" Rigby asked, licking his lips nervously.

"I'm pretty sure most people would want to have sex," Benson quirked an eyebrow. "What are you offering, Rigby; be specific."

"I'm offering to have sex with you, right now, and I'll even be bottom for you," Rigby huffed, then grinned. "You ever have sex on a trampoline, Benson? I gotta tell ya, gettin' bouncy on this thing is great."

"...You're such a slut," Benson's smirk got wider, and he used his free hand not keeping Rigby pinned to reach under the scruffy young man to undo his belt...only to get sidetracked by the thick bulge in Rigby's pants. "Hard already, Rigby? Maybe I should spank you some more since you liked it so much...or can't you wait to bottom for me? You offered sexual favors to me so quickly, I have to wonder."

FILL: Getting Bouncy, 3/4

A/N: Fucking character limits.


"God, you really are an a-hole, Benson," Rigby snarled. "I don't want to get fucked by you, but I'll do it if it means you stop spanking me. Lube's in the top drawer of the dresser."

Benson got the lube out, along with a condom from his own back pocket. He tossed the lube at Rigby.

"Prep yourself, and don't half-ass it; I'm not putting more on my dick to make it easy for you," Benson undid his own belt and pulled down his pants and underwear, taking them off after he kicked off his shoes. He tore open the little foil packet and rolled the condom on.

"Won't take me long, considering that's all you're packing," Rigby replied snidely as he got his own pajama pants and underwear off and uncapped the lube.

"I have very little reason to make this comfortable for you, brat," Benson's cruel smile was back in full force. "Keep your mouth shut if you don't want to be taken dry."

Rigby bit his tongue and prepped himself, not bothering to put on a show or tease. He stretched himself out and used more lube than he would normally. He finally recapped the lube and tossed it off the trampoline.

"I'm ready," Rigby looked at Benson, "how do you want me?"

"Kneel, facing away from me," Benson ordered, smiling.

Rigby did as he was told, and suddenly Benson was right behind him. The older man wrapped one arm around Rigby's torso to keep him still, while his other hand guided his dick into Rigby.

"I hate you," Rigby said through gritted teeth.

"But you love to get bouncy, and that's just what I'm gonna be doing with you," Benson pulled Rigby back so that they were both kneeling, with Rigby firmly in Benson's lap. Benson started to slightly bounce on the trampoline, moving his free arm to hold on to Rigby across his waist.

The movement of the trampoline was doing all the work, the two men simply going along for the ride. Rigby was still snarling insults at Benson, and Benson was still triumphant that he had gotten Rigby into this position, so he would snap back. It wasn't until Benson changed their position just slightly that Rigby's insults slid to a halt and he started to writhe on Benson's dick.

"Enjoying your deep prostate massage?" Benson chuckled, wrapping a hand around Rigby's neglected erection and stroking firmly. "I could always stop, you know."

"No, no stopping," Rigby couldn't help it; he hadn't bottomed in so long he'd forgotten how good it felt. "I fucking forbid you to stop."

"Brat, you didn't ask nicely," Benson stilled and Rigby whined, trying to move. "So I suggest you start, or I will pull out, take my condom off, fuck your face and stuff my dick down your throat when I come."

"I'm...I'm sorry," Rigby whispered. "Please start bouncing again; it felt so good. Please, Benson?"

"I'm not convinced you're sorry."

"I am sorry, so very goddamn sorry that I didn't ask nicely," Rigby could feel the very tip of Benson's dick just brushing up against his prostate and it was driving him insane. "Please start bouncing again."

FILL: Getting Bouncy, 4/4

"That's a little better," Benson smirked. "Tell me how turned on you are right now."

"Benson, dude, I'm so fucking turned on right now, I don't know what to do with myself," Rigby knew he was babbling, and he didn't care, he just wanted Benson to move.

"Tell me you love my cock up your ass," Benson snickered, rotating his hips just enough to make Rigby arch and gasp. "Tell me how you can't get enough."

"I...I love your cock up my ass...I, I need your cock up my ass, it's so good," Rigby flexed his inner muscles over the erection inside him. "Please, Benson, I need you to keep fucking me."

"Good boy," Benson started bouncing again, and then picked up the pace, slamming himself in and out of Rigby in time to the bouncing rhythm. He also started jerking Rigby off again, a counter-rhythm that had the scruffy young man moaning and writhing and begging for more.

"Benson, I'm...I'm gonna-"

"Do it, come for me now," Benson commanded, and Rigby's world went white as he came harder than he ever had in his entire life, and then black as he passed out. Benson kept pounding into Rigby, enjoying the feel of Rigby's orgasm around his cock. Benson came, pushing himself as far as he could go before sighing and pulling out. He carefully rolled off the condom and tied it, before sauntering over to the toilet and flushing it. He walked back over to the trampoline and gathered up his clothes, carefully putting them back on.

"Mmm, wha?" Rigby came back to consciousness.

"You weren't half-bad, Rigby," Benson smirked. "And now that I know you'll be really useless for work today, you can have the rest of it off with no pay since you were faking sick earlier. But I expect you to be ready for work tomorrow; any whining on your part and I'll spank you in front of the guys. Understood?"

"I understand," Rigby scowled, "and I still hate you."

"Hate me all you want," Benson smiled as he unlocked the door, "but you'll never be able to forget that I fucked you so good you passed out afterward, and as much as you won't admit it, you were begging for it near the end. See you tomorrow, Rigby...and you might want to clean yourself up, you're a mess."

Benson left the room and went outside where Pops and Mordecai were waiting. "He's got today off without pay and tomorrow he's going to be doing all of your chores as well as his own, Mordecai. Happy?"

"Sweet! You're the best, Benson!" Mordecai left with a spring in his step to go rake leaves.

"That seems most fair, Benson; good show," Pops nodded and left to go tend the Snack Shack.

Benson smiled; if they only knew.

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