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you're fired
Yeah why not. Go crazy.

* No flames or general nastiness.

* Post anon, named, w/e you want.

* You can request non-porn/non-romance/gen fics and so on! Whether it's porn or not is up to you

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* Multiple fills per single request are fine

* Fanart is always welcome.

* Include a warning if your fill includes triggery content. When in doubt, leave a trigger warning


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Re: RigbyxMordecai rape

' __ ' awwww..this isn't filled out yet?

It all started out as any ordinary day. We woke up from the roaring yells of Benson. As we were working on mowing the lawn Rigby let out a huge sigh, "Dude, forget this...we should just go to the arcade of something.." I sighed while thinking about the idea. "Ok, let's go get some coffee then" Rigby grunted in disapproval. "Why do you always want to go to that boring coffee shop dude?!? Is it because lady pecs works there?.." I stared at him for a moment. "Yeah dude..I actually do wanna go there for her..TODAY that is." "Hmph! Why's that?.." "Because..i'm going to finally ask her out! And this time i'm not gonna chicken out!" Rigby started to chuckle, "Hah! Good luck with that!" "Great job on being supportive dude..." The walk to the coffee shop was tense, neither of us would talk to each other. When we got in we walked to our usual table that we sat at. I stared at Margaret and started to blush. "Ok dude." Finally shattering the silence between us. "I'm going to ask her out." "Yeah, whatever.." Rigby said as he shrugged and put on a mischevious smile. " Hey Margaret!" I waved my hands left and right hoping to catch her attention. She came over to our table as soon as she heard me yelling her name. " Hey guys! What'll it be today?" I twirled my thumbs under the table nervously, " you wanna..umm..y'know..uhh-" Margaret stared at us akwardly. "Umm..Mordecai..are you alright? If you guys are still thinking about your order i'll just go to a different table and-" I cut her off. "Would you like to ehm..go..go out with me?!" I felt my entire body get shadowed over with embarressment. Rigby stared at me with disbelief that I actually grew the balls to say that to Margaret. "...of course I will Mordecai." I've never been happier in my life. I was jumping with joy on the inside. "So,umm..what time should the date be on Margaret?" "I think tonight at 8 would be great! We can catch a movie,eat dinner, and maybe stop at my place." "Great then! I'll see you at 8 tonight!" "K'then, are you guys still ordering?" I completely forgot that we were still in the coffee shop. "Yeah, i'd like-" Rigby cut me off. "Well actually Margaret. Mordecai and I have to go back to work. We don't have time for food or drinks. Thanks for your time though." I stared at him with cautious eyes but then decided to leave too. "Yeah, Benson might get pissed if we come back late." Margaret gave us both a quick strange look. "Oh, ok then..Thanks for stopping by guys!"

Re: 2/

As we walked out of the coffee shop I gave Rigby a quick punch to the arm. "Oww! Dude why'd you do that for?!" I gritted my teeth. "I was finally going to start a normal conversation with Margaret but then you had to step in and ruin everythig." "...Dude..common. You'd rather hang out with some girl who dosen't give two S's about you than your best friend?" Rigby said as he wrapped his arm around my waist. "Common, bros before hoes am I right?" I pushed your arm off around me. "No way dude, i'm not talking to you for the rest of the day..god you just..-argh!" I grunted in fustration and fled back to the park. When you came to the park suprisingly you did your job as well. We barely talked to each other the rest of the work hours, just like what I said.
It was 8'o clock at night and we just finished work..I was so exausted.."Yo dude?.." I said to you trying to break the akward silence. Rigby stared at the ground for a moment and then looked back at me. "What is it?" I looked at him and saw how depressed he looked.."I'm sorry for acting like such a jerk today..I didn't mean to get all mad at you..It's just that Margaret..Oh no,Margaret!" Rigby looked confused for a moment,"What dude? What's wrong?" I was rushing around the house,"I forgot about that date with Margaret that I planned out for tonight!" I rushed upstairs to put on my finest clothes on, a pair of skinny jeans and a brain explosion t-shirt. I went to go spray on calogne and brush out my feathers. This was going to be an amazing date and who knows..I might just get lucky tonight!
I rushed down the stairs, "Dude! How do I look?" Rigby stared at me for a moment. "..You look like a major douchebag.." "...." akward silence was filling the room again. Rigby started to chuckle, "Hah! I was jsut kidding with ya bro!" I stared at Rigby confused.."Umm..Ok then..? Dude, i'm a bit thirsty..can I have some of that soda that you have in your hand?" Rigby stared at the soda can intently and then at me. "..Oh, sure Mordecai..actually you can have it all." Rigby handed the soda to me. "Thanks dude. I guess I can count on you on certain things huh?." I took a huge gulp of soda. I started getting dizzy and was feeling numb in the legs. I fell to the floor and my eyes slowly shut closed as Rigby loomed over me.

Re: 3/

When I awoken from the sleep my eyes were droggy, all I could see was a big brown blur hovering on top of me. This was akward a bit to me but also very comfty. I noticed that I was lying on my bed, but I noticed that my arms were tied together behind my back. "Ugh..,what's happening?..Why am I tied up like this..?" Rigby just stared at my face for a moment and said to me with a smile, "You passed out downstairs so I had to drag you all the way up here. Must have been thinking to hard about Margaret huh?.."

I was starting to get pissed off at Rigby. "Dude, i'm serious! Why are my arms tied? I need to get out of here for my date with Margaret!" Rigby growled at me and then punched my face,suprisingly,it was pretty hard. "Dude! What the H was that for!?" I said screaming at the top of my lungs.

"I'm sick of you always talking about Margaret!" Ooooh Margaret this,Margaret that. Can;t you ever talk about anything else?" I tried to stuggle out of the bonds but they were no use. "It's already 11 o'clock so it's too late. I guess while we're at this we can have a little fun huh?.." He put his hand up my shirt, I gasped at the touch.

"D-dude. Stop dude,this isn't cool." I said. He started to rub the feathers on my chest. He ignord my plea to let me go. Now I was really starting to panic. I struggled but couldn't get out. I was at the mercy of my best friend, well supposedly. He took one arm out from under my shirt and started to work on my bel area.

"D-dude! STOP IT!!" He ignored my plea again and took out the belt that I was wearing to drop it on the floor. He put his hand on the zipper and pulled it down swiftly. He crawled on top of me and came down next to my neck and whispered "After this, I know that you'll never want to be with Margaret again.." He started to nip an lick at my neck. His razor sharp teeth seething into my flesh was torture for me. I let out a loud scream. He wthdrew from me for a moment. Tears started to flow out of my eyes.

"You're lucky Pops or anyone else aren't here or I would've had to duck tape your mouth shut." He then put one hand inside my open zipper. I tried to clench my legs together but he quickly to his hands to spread them apart again. " looks like you're enjoying this by the looks of it." I couldn't help how my body responds to certain touches.

He then removed my jeans and centered himself in between my legs. "Stop..please.." I was sobbing as I tried to plea with him for the final time. He positioned himself and forced his way in. I felt excrusiating, of course being forced in sex isn't supposed to feel like a joyride. I started crying aloud. " feel..amazing!" Rigby said panting. I was bleeding onto the sheets from..that area..

I thought that he was my beest friend, my bro, someone I could trust...he was probably just trying to use me all these years. I started to cry even more when I heard a gigantic gasp come from Rigby and something warm entered spread inside of me. He dropped onto me and panted over and over again. I tried to drift off and forget that all of this happened at all. Try to forget this "friendship".

Re: 4/

I woke up from a long rest after that horrible experience that I just went through. I saw that Rigby was not on top of me anymore, he was sleeping in his trampoline as usual. My arms weren't tied together anymore, even though I have bright red bruises showing against my wrist. The bed sheet was still stained with blood and..other bodily fluids, and my clothes were still on the ground. It was tough falling back asleep in a bed that you were just broken apart on, or in the same room that the person responsible for all of that is sleeping in. Eventually, I fell asleep.

It was morning and as usual Benson woke us both up, but it was different from the ordinary days that he did this. I stareted to fear Rigby.

We went downstairs to eat breakfast before we started our work shift. Benson decided to eat with us this morning. I was preparing to make cereal for myself but couldn't find the milk.

"Jeez...where's the milk?" I murmured to myself rumaging through the fridge.

"The milk's right here Mordo."

I flinched when I heard Rigby's voice and almost dropped the bowl of cereal that I was holding.

I turned to Rigby to quickly grab the milk out of his hand. He game me a weird look. It look'd like he was trying to send me a message to my brain.

The message seemed to be something along these lines. "Don't act weird in front of Benson."

As I turned around from him to fill my bowl of milk, Benson wanted to break the silence between us.

"Hmm..usually you guys are so loud. Why're you guys being so quiet today?" 'Specially you Mordecai?.."

What was I supposed to tell him?

I couldn't just tell him out of the blue that Rigby raped me.

"Oh,'s nothing Benson. We're just a bit tired y'know." I said as I nervously kept on pouring milk into the bowl.

Benson looked at me questioningly.

" I don't know." He got up just as he finished his plate of blueberry pancakes.

"Look Mordecai. If there's anything wrong you can tell me."

As he laid his dish in the sink, he reached his hand on my shoulder. I yelled out a little yelp and moved back spilling milk all over myself.

Rigby stared at me trying to hold back his laughter and Benson just stood there staring as I tried to get myself cleaned up.

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