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you're fired
Yeah why not. Go crazy.

* No flames or general nastiness.

* Post anon, named, w/e you want.

* You can request non-porn/non-romance/gen fics and so on! Whether it's porn or not is up to you

* Don't double post requests

* Multiple fills per single request are fine

* Fanart is always welcome.

* Include a warning if your fill includes triggery content. When in doubt, leave a trigger warning


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Re: "Employee Incentive"

Okay, just started mapping out how this would work. This will have to be human forms. Technically High-five Ghost (H5G) goes twice, because he kinda becomes Benson's partner in crime.

This is more of a "Five times Benson gave an employee a sexual incentive, and One time Benson was the employee with an incentive" type of things.

The five times Benson gave his employees a sexual incentive...

1 & 2. Rigby and Mordecai get BJs from Benson, but at separate times, with different circumstances (Mordecai is lonely, blindfolded and imagining Margaret, Rigby is horny and promises to actually do work if Benson blows him).

3. Skips tops Benson for stress relief (can be tender or rough).

4. H5G possesses Muscle Man because Muscle Man has ignored H5G's feelings for too long, and a ghost has needs (Benson tops).

5. H5G possesses Pops because Pops needs a bit of help and is too shy on his own (and too much of an old-school gentleman) to ask Benson for some rimming and cuddling. Half-way through, H5G leaves Pops' body because Pops is totally into it and just watches from the foot of the bed.

And the one time Benson was the employee...

1. Mr. Maellard promises Benson a raise if he takes care of "a little something" for the old man ("a little something" includes a cross-dressing strip tease - possibly a French Maid outfit - followed by hiding under the desk and giving Mr. M a BJ while he conducts business over the phone. If Mr. M's breath or voice hitches or stutters during the BJ, Benson gets the raise).

Do any Anons want to add a little something (personal kink with a Benson pairing)? I am very open to suggestion at this point. Also, if you can think of a scenario where High-five Ghost doesn't have to possess anybody in order to get some Benson love, I would be open to discuss how that would work.

Re: "Employee Incentive"


Re: "Employee Incentive"

If someone does number 5 I will love them until the day I die.

Re: "Employee Incentive" EXTRA FILL, IF YOU PLEASE

Fives can already touch and be touched without posession, b ut how about this: High Fives looks through Skip's spirit book (or whatever) and finds a certain ritual that allows him a physical form for a certain ammount of days. And runs off to show Benson. At some point Benson decides to let his polite boy top. (Also, make MM forgive Fives at some point)


Holy. Shit.

This is the Writernon for "Employee Incentive". I love the H5G/Benson part of this prompt, and I will put it in after I'm done with the last chapter, as the epilogue.

However, regarding the last little bit about Muscle Man and High-Five (and this is going to be long-winded as fuck, but it explains the general outline):

My plan is to have the chapter with Pops happen a few weeks after the Chapter 4 & the immediate Interlude, and the chapter with Mr. Maellard happen a few weeks after the chapter with Pops. The whole point of this arc was to show exactly how much of a village bicycle Benson could be in a short amount of time; this entire arc takes place in less than four months from Mordecai to Mr. Maellard.

I don't know if I could get MM to forgive Fives during this arc; finding out Fives was using his body for sex with dudes the entire time that MM thought he was using his body to have sex with ladies has freaked him right the fuck out, and that takes a lot of time to get over (especially since Fives and MM have had this arrangement for several years).

I really don't think that MM could find it in himself to forgive Fives in the month or so remaining in this arc...especially since Starla is going to find out (duh, bite marks on her man), and she is gonna go ballistic, especially since MM will have never told Starla about the deal he made with Fives well before he ever met her.

Muscle Man is gonna be pissed at High-Five for awhile, and then it's gonna be silent and awkward between them for even longer, and then Muscle Man will eventually realize that his life is really fucking boring with just Starla and no best friend to hang out with and see every day at work and goof off. They'll eventually make up and be friends again, maybe even best friends again, but it won't be the same.

Part of me wants to write dark!fic about MM's mental state for the next several months, with him being paranoid and not sleeping very well. Also, I seriously want to write a side fic that expounds upon Starla finding out and how she reacts to it (because it is terrifying and yet lulzy).

TL;DR: I love the H5G/Benson prompt and I will do it as the epilogue. However, don't hold your breath for MM&H5G making up.


K, I can't wait to read it ;3 At least I know MM eventually forgives him.
btw, when you fill the prompt I wouuld like either:
1. Benson being a power-bottom
2. Benson commanding Fives to be a power-top.

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