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FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", 4a/6

A/N: This one refused to adhere to character limits, so it'll be in two parts; the set-up in the first and the actual sex in the second.

4. High-Five Ghost and Muscle Man - Possession, Dub-con, Shaving, Biting, Power Play, Anal sex, Blowjob, Masturbation

"Hey Benson? I have a proposition for you," High-Five Ghost floated into Benson's office through the closed door, and hovered over one of the chairs.

"What kind of proposition?" Benson looked up from his paperwork.

"I want you to fuck Muscle Man," High-Five stated it as calmly as if he was talking about the weather.

"And why would I do this?"

"Because you'd be fucking him...and me," High-Five tilted his head and smiled mischievously. "Muscle Man and I have an arrangement; I help him out with my ghost abilities in exchange for possessing him every so often so I can have some fun in an actual body. The only problem is, ever since he got back with Starla, he's been whelching on his end of the deal and giving me a bunch of excuses."

"So really you want me to have sex with you?"

"I like guys in positions of authority," High-Five shrugged and floated over so he looked like he was sitting on the corner of Benson's desk, "and you'd be on top...and I'd do whatever you wanted."

"How long since he let you possess him?"

"Eight months; it used to be a once every two months or so thing, whenever I got an urge to actually taste a burger or I got lonely and wanted to touch another person," High Five Ghost reached out his only hand to touch Benson's on the table, and after an initial contact, it sank into Benson's hand and the ghost-man sighed, frowning. "This isn't good enough, so I'm going to sneak-possess Muscle-Man tonight."

"Does he remember you possessing him?"

"Nope; blank spot in his memory, like blacking-out after too much booze," High-Five smiled sadly. "If I wanted him to remember what happens when I possess him, I'd let it is, it's just easier to shut his mind down for the time I'm there...he won't even know it's you."

"Where do you want this to take place?"

"I'll get him spruced up and meet you at your place," High-Five smiled. "I'll see you around 10...and for my own curiosity, why are you okay with this?"

"You have your fantasies and needs," Benson replied softly, "and I have mine."

"Never fucked two guys at once before?"


"Well, tonight's your lucky night, isn't it?" High-Five floated off the desk towards the door before pausing and turning around. "Do you want me to do anything special to him before I see you? Haircut? Shave? Write 'Glory Hole' on his lower back with an arrow pointing down to is ass-crack in marker?"

"Shave him everywhere, but keep the haircut, I like it shaggy," Benson leered. "It'll be something to hold on to. And no marker artwork, please; I like to leave marks that don't eventually wash off."

"Hot damn, yes sir," High-Five Ghost shivered and leered back. "See you tonight," he waved as he disappeared through the door.

Benson smiled as the ghost-man left the room; after Skips a month ago, Benson had started feeling a little lonely. Having High-Five Ghost in Muscle Man's body would be a perfect distraction.

FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", 4b/6

Sneak-possessing Muscle Man after work was ridiculously easy; High-Five Ghost merely waited until his friend was in the shower, waited for him to have his back turned to the curtain, and phased through said curtain and into his friend.

'Wait, what are you doing?!' Muscle Man thought as High-Five Ghost took over.

'What you wouldn't let me do for eight fucking months,' High-Five shoved Muscle Man's mind into a mental closet and padlocked the door, 'I'm having a night out.'

After that, High-Five shaved Muscle Man's legs, armpits, treasure trail and groin, making sure not to hurt the body (though the hair growing back was going to itch like a bitch, and High-Five smiled at the thought). He washed himself all over, and when he got out of the shower, he shaved Muscle Man's face and applied cologne. He quickly dressed from the clothes on 'his side' of Muscle Man's closet, and made his way to Benson's apartment, knocking on the door at exactly 10 p.m.

"Come in," Benson ordered after opening the door, taking in the two men before him. Even though High-Five wasn't visible, his presence in Muscle Man was; his body stood up straighter, his movements more graceful, and his eyes were definitely full of mischief. "You look good, but you'd look better naked."

"I know," High-Five murmured with Muscle Man's voicebox, and started shedding his clothes as he entered the apartment, "but I had to wear something over here, or they'd have called the cops." Standing naked, he lifted his borrowed arms and folded them behind his head, turning in a slow circle. "I did as you you like it?"

"Yes," Benson smiled, taking in the stocky body, smooth skin just begging to be touched. "Keep your arms up like that, the bedroom is down the hall, second door on the left."

When they got into the bedroom, Benson started taking off his clothes, then paused, smiling. "Undress me."

"Yes sir," High-Five immediately started undoing the buttons of Benson's shirt, then slowly slid it off of his shoulders, letting it fall on the floor. He then knelt on the floor and worked at Benson's jeans, getting them down to pool at his ankles. With a light touch, he slowly slid Benson's boxers to go down with the jeans. "May I taste you, sir?"

"Such a polite young man," Benson carded his fingers through Muscle Man's hair, taking a firm grip at the back of his head. "You may lick and kiss, but only for a little bit. I have plans for you, and as much as I'd like to, I can't let you suck me off."

"Yes sir," High-Five smirked as he nuzzled Benson's half-hard dick with his borrowed nose. "Sir, you smell so good," High-Five moaned before kissing and lapping at the head, then the shaft. Everything was so much more intense when he was occupying a body. He fondled his temporary body and looked up at Benson. "I want you so badly, sir; please, can we get on the bed?"

"First, lean back and stroke yourself for me," Benson smiled gently at the younger men kneeling at his feet. "I want to see how you like to be touched."

High-Five smiled back at Benson, and leaning back slightly, lifted his hands to pinch and roll his nipples, letting out a little moan as he did so, before slowly trailing his hands down to his erection, standing up proudly against his lower stomach. One hand stroking there, he let the other go lower to fondle his newly shaved sac, a louder moan escaping his borrowed body.

"Everything is so smooth, especially here," High-Five knew he was teasing Benson with the show he was putting on, the older man's erection was starting to leak pre-come. "Do you want to touch, sir?"

"Yes," Benson groaned. "Get up and on the bed; it's my turn to touch and taste." Benson crawled onto the bed after High-Five got Muscle-Man's body laid out, face up and watching him. "Remember how I like to leave marks that can't be washed off?"

"Please tell me you're leaving love bites," High-Five leered. "I will owe you a massive favor if you leave love bites, seriously."

"How massive?" Benson ran a hand up Muscle Man's thigh, marveling at the smooth skin from the recent shave.

FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", 4c/6

"I can possess Mr. Maellard and have him give you a raise and a contract that makes it impossible for him to fire you," High-Five whimpered, biting his borrowed lip. "If you don't want me to do that, well, I can do just about anything since I'm a ghost, and after I died I lost most of my moral hangups."

"Interesting; turn over," Benson ran his hands up Muscle Man's legs again, but once High-Five turned him over, Benson squeezed Muscle Man's ass. "This is probably going to hurt, but I promise not to draw blood." He then proceeded to leave an impressive bite mark on Muscle Man's left ass cheek.

"Aaah!" High-Five let his borrowed eyes roll back as he yelped and writhed. "Do it again! Please!"

Benson repeated the gesture on the other cheek, then licked a hot stripe from the base of Muscle Man's spine to his shoulder blades, where he left a matching set of love bites, then he went slightly higher and left several bite marks over Muscle Man's shoulders.

"Had enough?" Benson smirked, rolling the young men beneath him over. "Or should I make some on the front too?"

"Enough," High-Five gasped, the new bites rubbing against the sheets, and he spread his legs, "please fuck me, Benson, please!"

"Don't you mean 'sir'?" Benson teased, grabbing the lube off of the nightstand. He put a generous dollop on his fingers and started teasing Muscle Man's hole. "Lift you legs up or roll over, this angle is awkward."

"Yes sir," High-Five rolled over and spread his friend's ass so the hole was visible. He told the body to relax for this, and it complied much more easily than if the body had actually been his. The initial prodding of fingers, followed by the still cool lube and the delicious burn of the stretching were intoxicating to the ghost-man. He moaned, writhing when Benson found his borrowed prostate. "Please Benson sir, please please please fuck me."

"You really are such a polite boy, Fives," Benson murmured, removing his fingers. He grabbed a condom off the nightstand, but jerked in surprise when Muscle Man's arm grabbed his own, stopping him.

"No," High-Fives pleaded, "no condoms. I want you to come inside me, inside us. He's clean; he just had the tests done because Starla refused to believe he hadn't fucked anybody during the time they were broken up."

"And how do you know I'm clean?" Benson asked.

"I doubt Skips would fuck you bareback if you weren't, even if he can live forever," High-Fives replied, then looked at Benson. "I couldn't stand Muscle Man snoring one night last month, so I wandered the grounds, and Skips' light was on, so I was just going to phase through the window...the shades weren't down all the way, and I saw the two of you together."

"Oh," Benson shrugged, "he and I sort of have an...arrangement of our own, I guess. I walk with a limp and a smile on my face for a couple days, he gets over his insomnia."

"Seriously amazed you could walk the next day," High-Five smiled. "I trust you, Benson; no condoms."

"Fine, Fives," Benson let the foil packet drop back onto the nightstand and he grabbed the lube again. Slicking up his erection with one hand, he tugged on Muscle Man's hip with the other, coaxing High-Five to get up on his knees. "You ready?"

"Gods, yes," High-Five moaned, feeling the head of Benson's erection prodding his ass. "Fill me up, please sir."

Benson pushed himself forward, letting himself savor the slide into two of his employees at once. He took his time, pulling out a little every so often so he could rock back in, enjoying the little gasps and moans that High-Five was letting escape from Muscle Man's throat. Finally his hips were firmly grinding up against Muscle Man's ass and Benson let out a sigh of contentment.

"Full enough, my wonderful, polite boy?" Benson ran his thumbs over the bite marks on the shoulder blades of the body below him.

"Benson, sir, you're so good to me," High-Five moaned, drunk with sensation. Benson's dick all the way inside his borrowed body, the older man's hips grinding on the bite marks left earlier on his ass were perfection. The cherry on top seemed to be that Benson just could not keep his hands still and was running them all over Muscle Man's form, putting High-Five on sensation overload. "If you keep touching me like that, I'm going to come."

Re: FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", 4c/6

"We have all night, Fives," Benson chuckled as he reached under Muscle Man and started stroking his erection. "Did you really think I was going to let you come just once?"

High-Five couldn't take it anymore; it was too much sensation after too long of being mostly devoid of them. He came with a shout, Muscle-Man's body spurting out white stripes onto the bed.

Benson moaned as Muscle Man's ass flexed around his erection; he was going to have to talk High-Five into possessing Muscle Man so they could do this again.

Once Muscle Man's body finished its orgasm, Benson took a moment to collect himself before he resumed what he'd been doing; running his hands over the body below him.

"Hey, you still with me, Fives?" Benson whispered.

"Yeah, just a little blissed out," High-Five replied, smile evident in his voice. "Go ahead and keep going, Benson; I still want you to fuck me."

"Just checking," Benson snickered. He pulled out a little and then rocked back in, setting a steady pace and enjoying the tight heat of the body below him and the moaning that came from the two young men.

High-Five always felt good after an orgasm; but this was the first time in a long time that he'd come well before his partner had, and the sensations started to build up again after Benson had been thrusting and lavishing his borrowed body with attention. He could feel his dick twitching, starting to harden with every thrust that hit his prostate, with every finger that brushed over a bite mark.

Benson finally took Muscle Man by the hips and started fucking him in earnest, hard and fast thrusts as he felt himself going over the edge.

"Fives, you sure?" Benson gasped, trying to hold back a little.

"Fill us up," High-Five moaned. "Come in us, Benson; it's okay."

Benson pressed as far in as he could go and groaned as he came, bending over and hugging the body beneath him. He panted, willing off the urge to pass out and sleep before sitting back up and carefully pulling out.

"Turn over," Benson ordered. High-Five arranged Muscle Man's body so it was face-up on the bed. "I promised you more than one orgasm, and I deliver on my promises."

"Sir?" High-Fives blinked, not understanding until Benson slithered between Muscle Man's legs and licked at the head of his erection. "Use your lips a little more, if you would, sir."

"My wonderful, polite boy," Benson nuzzled the erection before him, then sucked at the head. Hollowing out his cheeks, he slowly deep-throated Muscle Man as High-Five moaned. Backing off a bit, Benson worked his tongue around what was in his mouth, then looked up to the face of the young men in his bed. Keeping eye contact, he again deep-throated Muscle Man's erection and swallowed.

"Benson, sir!!" High-Five yelled as he came, unable to take his eyes off the older man. In that moment, he was spectacular, a vision that the ghost-man would never, ever forget.

Benson looked away from High-Five as he slowly backed off the erection in his throat. Once he was done tongue-cleaning Muscle Man's slowly softening dick, he looked up at High-Five...and was promptly pulled up into a kiss.

It was hot and needy and passionate, High-Five was soaring on sensation and at that moment he couldn't not kiss Benson; it would be a sacrilege otherwise.

"Do you need to sleep?" High-Five asked softly once he pulled away. "I can hold you, sir, if you want."

"Mmmm, yes, thank you," Benson kissed him softly, shifting them so they were laying down and Muscle Man's arms were around Benson. "Wake me up at six, would you? We can shower together before going to work."

"Does showering include getting a little dirtier before getting clean?" High-Five asked, snickering.

"If it didn't, I would have told you to wake me up at seven," Benson quipped, smiling sleepily. "Goodnight, Fives."

"Goodnight, Benson," High-Fives whispered as Benson drifted off to sleep. He closed his eyes and mentally laughed; there was no way he was going to stay off of Muscle Man's shit list for the bite marks, but this had been worth it.

Damnit, that's supposed to be 4d/6, my bad!!

I didn't label that last section right, damnit, I hadn't fucked that up until now.


O_O *drools*


HFG wasn't the only one to cum 2x during this story

Authornon, whoever you be, you're my new hero

Re: FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", 4c/6

Oh, fuck, this is your best fill yet. Now I can see how Benson/High Five would work. I liked the polite personality you gave High Five and how Benson enjoyed every second. Now excuse me, I have a room smothered in cream I need to clean.

Re: FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", 4c/6


I love all the other chapters, yes, but THIS... This is godly. Thank you.

Re: FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", 4c/6

Author have NO IDEA how much i love your horny-as-hell HFG...faping forever.

This and the Mordecai fill where my favorites

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