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you're fired
Yeah why not. Go crazy.

* No flames or general nastiness.

* Post anon, named, w/e you want.

* You can request non-porn/non-romance/gen fics and so on! Whether it's porn or not is up to you

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* Fanart is always welcome.

* Include a warning if your fill includes triggery content. When in doubt, leave a trigger warning


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FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", Interlude

Interlude - The Falling-out of Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost

When High-Five Ghost finally let Muscle Man out of the mental closet he'd been stuffed in and have control of his own body again, the fallout was immense.

"Why do I feel sore all over?" Muscle Man looked at his floating friend and coworker. "Fives, dude, what did you do to me?"

"I got us laid," High-Five smiled dreamily, "and it was fantastic."

"Dude, please tell me you didn't go out and pick up some strange in my body, please," Muscle Man was trying not to freak out and failing.

"I didn't pick up a stranger or hooker; I picked up a friend, and I know he's clean. Your disease test is still valid."

"...'He'?" Muscle Man asked, "Since when are you gay?"

"Since forever," High-Five shrugged. "I told you I was freaky, and you said you didn't care as long as your body got some." High-Five leered at his friend. "And let me tell you, Man, that your body got a lot last night...and early this morning. Seriously, he woke up, smiled at me, and then started blowing me 'good morning'. Then I got to fuck him in the shower to repay him for the bite marks he left last night."

"Bite marks?!" Muscle Man immediately started to take off his clothes and get in front of a mirror. The bites on his shoulders were visible on the front, purple and territorial looking. Turning around and looking over his shoulder, he saw the marks on his shoulder blades and ass. "Dude! Your man fucking marked me...and did you shave me?! Not cool, Fives!"

"Think of the shaving as payback for whelching for eight months," High-Five's leer didn't fade at all. "My guy last night was very appreciative; he couldn't stop running his hands all over us, and it felt so good to damn that man can fuck."

"Pack up all your shit and get out!" Muscle Man yelled, finally snapping and shaking with rage.

"I had a feeling you'd say that, so I already packed up everything that was mine; it's by the door," High-Five floated towards said box. He opened the door, picked up the box and was about to float out when he turned around and smiled. "Be mad at me all you want, Muscle Man, but remember this: you were the one who said I could do whatever and whoever I wanted in your body when we first made our little arrangement."

"GET OUT!" Muscle Man screamed. "I never want to talk to you or work with you again!"

"That's fine;" High-Five smiled, "it was fun while it lasted." He floated out of the trailer, making a bee-line for the park house. It was still pretty early; the others were just coming down to eat breakfast. High-Five greeted them, then went up to the attic to deposit his one box of belongings before going down to Benson's office and knocking.

"Come in," Benson called out, busily writing in the Park Management journal. When High-Five phased through the door, Benson looked up and smiled. "What can I do for you?"

"Muscle Man kicked me out once he found the bite marks," High-Five snickered. "And he wasn't too pleased about the fact that I've been using his body for sex with men; I didn't tell him who I'd been with while I was using his body, though."

"I take it he doesn't want to work with you anymore either, right?" Benson took the news without even batting an eyelash.


"Well, that is fine by me; if he can't goad anybody into driving while he hood-surfs topless on a golf cart, I'll get less complaints from park attendees," Benson smiled. "There are quite a few things that are up high that I'd like you to do. Think you can handle going solo?"

"Yes sir," High-Five floated closer to him. "I had a great time last night and this morning; how are you feeling?"

"Really good and very relaxed," Benson leered at High-Five. "I think we make a good team, don't you Fives?"

"What, like sex partners in crime or something?" High-Five snickered. "Hmm, I actually like the sound of that, sir."

"My wonderful, polite young man," Benson leered at his floating subordinate. "I'd kiss you if i could; as it is, I'll rework the schedule so you and Muscle Man stay away from each other. Go hang with the guys until it's time to gather on the front steps."

"Yes sir," High-Five gave a mock salute and phased through the floor, intent on following orders.

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