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FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", 5a/6

5. Pops (with a little H5G) - Completely consensual possession, nipple play, rimming, cuddling.

High-Five Ghost was trying very, very hard not to do a little victory dance-float as he flew out of the park and towards Benson's apartment. He was so happy about what he'd found out that he had to tell Benson immediately, but the manager had already gone home for the evening.

"Benson," High-Five knocked before phasing through the door, "Benson, you are never going to guess what I learned just now."

"Well, seeing as it's you, I'm going to guess it's kinky and about somebody we both know," Benson was half-way through his dessert and continued to eat as he motioned High-Five closer. "Okay, let's hear it."

"I found a box of stuff up in the attic tonight, and it wasn't marked so I looked in it 'cause I was bored," High-Five leered. "It was all stuff about Pops when he was younger. Did you know he went to an all-boys prep school from like fifth grade all the way through graduation, and he went to an all-male college?"

"No, I didn't know that," Benson kept eating, looking amused. "What else?"

"Oh, nothing much, just that he had several boyfriends while he was in prep school and college," High-Five leered. "Boyfriends who wrote absolutely filthy lust letters to him about what they wanted to do with him, and several honest-to-goodness thank you letters for the stuff they did do together, most of which were really explicit."

"Don't you mean 'love letters', Fives?" Benson finished his dessert and cleaned up the table, dumping the dishes in the sink.

"Nope, 'love letters' implies some sort of feeling other than extreme horniness is expressed," High-Five laughed. "Oh, and there were pictures with the letters; his boyfriends took naked pin-up pictures of him and themselves during their time together. I gotta say, young Pops was a looker," the ghost-man whistled.

"I'm not hearing anything really super-scandalous here," Benson looked at High-Five, "so there has to be something you're holding back that would make you come over unannounced."

"Pops caught me looking through his box, and I promised not to tell anybody about it, and he asked if I could keep one more secret. Then he took off his hat and pulled out a picture of the boyfriend he missed the most," High-Five leered. "Turns out that Pops' favorite lay looks exactly like you, to the point that I thought it was you! Pops told me he was feeling lonely, then asked me if I thought you'd be open to a bit of 'wooing and playing', as he called it."

"H-he didn't," Benson stuttered.

"He did, and I told him to go for it, but he's really shy around you because he doesn't want to blow his chances of, well, blowing you," High-Five smiled. "I told him if he needed a bit of courage, I could help him by being there with him, and then I offered to possess him if he wants to get with you."

"Possessing Pops?" Benson was completely astounded. "Fives, I know you look for opportunities to get into my pants; hell, I encourage it most time. But possessing Pops?"

"Not a full-on possession like with Muscle Man, just sharing his body and giving him some mental encouragement," High-Five assured his boss. "Benson, sir, please say you'll do this; he's going to give you chocolates tomorrow with a note inside. When I left he had just started writing it, and Pops was leering at the paper, okay? Pops. Was. Leering. I'm so turned on I don't know what to do with myself!"

"You want to spend the night, Fives?" Benson asked, walking into the bedroom. "I need to take a shower, and I'd like some company...maybe you can show me what it'll feel like for Pops when you share his body."

"Oh hell yes," High-Five followed Benson happily. "You will not be disappointed, sir, I promise."

"Shut up and get in me, Fives," Benson ordered, smiling as he took off his clothes.

Re: FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", 5b/6

The box of chocolates (expensive, Benson noted) were left right on Benson's desk for him to find in the morning. Benson untied the ribbon and lifted the lid off...only to find no letter, just a box full of Belgian chocolate truffles.

'Well, that's a little disappointing,' Benson thought to himself. 'My favorite kind of chocolates, though; that's sweet.'

"Did you look under the lid?" High-Five suggested.

"AH! Fives, don't sneak up on me like that!!" Benson gave a rather unmanly shriek.

"Sorry," High-Five snickered. "But seriously, look at the lid."

Benson flipped the lid over; an envelope with his name written elegantly on it was taped to the underside.

"Oh, good catch," Benson unstuck the envelope from the lid and opened it. There was a single page inside, and Benson's brow furrowed before he brought it to his nose and sniffed. "He...he dabbed a little cologne on this."

"Old school," High-Five smiled in approval, "what does it say?"

Benson read over the note and blushed. He then sat down in his chair and read it again, which just made him blush harder.

"Well?" High-Five asked. "If I wasn't already dead, I'd be dying of anticipation over here!"

Benson just handed the note over and picked up a chocolate truffle from the box. High-Five took the note and read it, then blinked and read it again. He then had to float over to sit-hover on Benson's desk.

"...Wow," High-Five set the note down.

"I know, right?" Benson ate another chocolate truffle. "Who knew Pops had it in him? It's eloquent and...and positively obscene at the same time."

"So what are you gonna do?"

"Invite him over for dinner tonight," Benson smiled. "When you're helping him at the Snack Shack today, tell him you both need to be at my place at seven."

"Awesome," High-Five smiled. "See you on the front steps in a bit."

"Wait," Benson leered, putting the note away and closing the box of chocolates. "Go lock the door; there is no way I can read something like that and then just go to work."

"Oh...oh, yes sir," High-Five quickly locked the door and came back to Benson. "You want it like last night? The way you moaned for me was fantastic, sir."

"No, that took too long and we can't be loud here...although that was fun," Benson chuckled. "Just get in here so we can jerk off and get our work done today."

"Awesome," High-Five phased into Benson and mentally hugged Benson. 'Hello again, boss.'

'You really do get off on the fact that I've got authority over you, don't you?' Benson thought, smirking as he opened up his pants and reached into his boxers.

'Of course I do,' High-Five moaned at he sensation of Benson starting to stroke himself. 'It helps that you're also kind of a secret slut...that turns me on almost more than the boss thing. Would it be okay if I took control of your left arm?'

'Sure,' Benson bit back a moan of his own as his left hand joined his right in his boxers, traveling farther down to cup and lightly squeeze his balls. 'Mmm, yeah, just like that, Fives.' Benson set up a firm, fast stroke on his erection and both of them shuddered at the sensations.

Between the note from Pops and the possession, they didn't have long until they came, High-Five reaching out with the one arm he could control to grab some tissues before Benson could make a mess of his clothes. Tissues used and in the trash, Benson zipped up his pants as he and High-Five bathed in their combined afterglow.

High-Five finally gave Benson a mental kiss before slowly phasing out of the manager's body.

"C'mon sir, it's time to rally the troops," High-Five smiled. "You gave me a message to deliver, remember?"

"Right," Benson got up out of the chair and checked himself over to make sure he didn't look too rumpled before grabbing his clipboard, "let's go."

Re: FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", 5b/6

Do you realize how hot this part was? I can't even.... Wow! Fives is now Benson's henchman, I love that. I also like Fives' authority/submission fetish! Fucking A+, mang

Re: FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", 5b/6

This is the best thing i've ever read.
It's caused me to ship Benson and Hi-5.
I love you so much.
I have a mess to clean up.

FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", 5c/6

When High-Five gave Pops the message about dinner, he was surprised that the older man frowned. However, he was even more surprised when, two hours later, Pops looked out at the empty park post-lunchtime and put up the "On Break - Be Back in 15 Minutes" sign on the Snack Shack counter and commanded that High-Five share his body for the walk to the park house.

When they got to Benson's office, Pops knocked and thought to his stowaway: 'Fives, you will not let Benson know you're with me, is that clear? You're merely here to witness my intentions.'

'Okay,' Fives shrank his presence in Pops as small as he could and merely looked out of Pops' eyes to enjoy the show.

"Come in," Benson sighed as he filled out yet another parts acquisition form. Muscle Man had been acting out recently and the golf carts were taking the brunt of it, and Skips was starting to get annoyed, which was never good. Looking up from his paperwork, he saw Pops and smiled a little, a blush creeping up on his cheeks. "Pops, how nice to see you."

"I came to talk to you for a moment since I am on break," Pops shut the door and with a subtle flick of his wrist, locked it behind him. "I see you liked the chocolates."

"They're my favorite, thank you."

"I'm glad you like them," Pops strode forward, all giggly politeness gone. "But I want to make one thing very clear, Benson; if I'm coming over to your place tonight, I'm not going to be eating any food," Pops leaned over Benson, a small, almost dangerous smile gracing his mouth, "Because in all honestly, I just want to taste you."

"P-pops," Benson stuttered, eyes wide. "I thought it would be nice gesture after you gave me chocolates."

"If I wanted somebody to wait for me to come home and serve me dinner, I would have given in to Father's demands to settle down a long time ago, my dear," Pops leaned even closer, placing his hands firmly on the armrests of Benson's chair, effectively boxing the younger man in. "I'm single because I like being able to do as I wish, when I wish. I like being able to woo somebody regardless of our respective ages or backgrounds. I like the thought of coming over to your flat and have you waiting for me naked. I especially like the thought of reducing you to a moaning, stuttering mess as I slowly take you apart with my hands and mouth, only to for you to beg me to hold you all night because you'll find no peace otherwise."

"Pops, Jesus," Benson was blushing so hard that he'd started sweating at his temples. "Enough, I get it; nothing domestic with you."

"I'm so glad we understand each other, my dear," Pops slowly straightened up, but the smile was slowly turning into a leer. "I was serious about that last bit, Benson; I can tell you're a cuddler. I don't mind, you know; I find it rather charming. I'll see you at fifteen minutes to ten; and please, answer the door naked."

"Sure," Benson swallowed, his throat completely dry. "Fifteen minutes to ten. Oh, Pops? Will you still be needing High-Five to be joining us?"

"Of course," Pops' leer somehow slid into something more perverse, "he's here now with me, a witness to my intentions with you. I can feel his acute arousal, no wonder you like him so well as your confidant lately. Would the two of you like to talk privately? I can have him leave my body."

"I...I think I'll be okay," Benson replied, obviously shaken.

"Very well; we will see you tonight," Pops unlocked the door and left the office quickly, his happy-go-lucky facade slipping easily back into place as he left the park house.

'Holy Christ, Pops,' High-Five whistled, long and low after a few significant seconds of complete silence, 'that was downright diabolical. Where have you been hiding this side of you?'

'It's amazing how far acting like a simple-minded goofball will get you when it comes to people and their perceptions of you,' Pops made it back to the Snack Shack and took down the sign. 'You may leave my body, Fives; thank you for coming along to boost my courage.'

'But I didn't emotionally or mentally encourage you at all.'

'I know that, but Benson doesn't.'

High-Five left Pops' body, and shivered a little. "I'm saying it again: diabolical."

The only answer Fives got was Pops' laughter.

FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", 5d/6

Pops (and High-Five) knocked on Benson's door. Benson, as requested, answered the door naked.

"Exquisite," Pops said by way of greeting, and walked in as Benson stepped back to allow them entrance.

"Where would you like to start?" Benson asked, after closing and locking the door.

"Let us start and end it in the bedroom," Pops offered Benson his arm. "You really do look exquisite, my dear. Our ghostly friend thinks so too, I assure you."

"Thank you," Benson let himself go arm-in-arm with the two men into his bedroom, "but I meant what sort of...activity you'd like to start with, Pops."

"While I get undressed, I'd like you to get on the bed. Kneel and caress yourself, wherever you'd like; I want to see how you like to be touched, where you're sensitive, where you avoid because you know it either does nothing for you or it does too much."

Benson did as he was instructed, letting his eyelids flutter half-way closed so that he could watch Pops undress without making it so obvious he was staring.

Starting at his neck, he raised both hands let his fingertips lightly trace over the skin, letting his breath hitch whenever he felt the need to. He slowly worked his way down over his shoulders and collarbones, teasing touches that left a tingle of sensation in their wake. When he finally got to his chest, his nipples had already started to harden, and he tweaked his left one and moaned a little bit.

"Stop," Pops said softly, now completely naked. "Put your hands elsewhere, I'll pay attention to you there in a moment."

"Alright," Benson smiled, suddenly feeling shy. He traced what of his ribs he could feel under the skin, shivering at how good the light touches were to him under the searing gaze of Pops. Benson knew that High-Five was in Pops, watching everything and probably enjoying himself immensely.

"Enough," Pops instructed softly. "I have a rough idea how you like being touched and where. Sit back against the headboard."

Benson did as instructed and Pops straddled him, then kissed him. It was slow and gentle, hot and good. Pops worked his way up Benson's jaw and down his neck, nibbling an earlobe on the way. Benson whimpered at the treatment, but his breath caught and he outright moaned as Pops worked on his neck and reached up to roll one nipple between his fingers.

High-Five was watching in fascination; he knew that Benson's nipples were sensitive, but watching the man give up control and let Pops take over was amazing. Flushed and slightly panting, moaning whenever Pops did something new or more intense to him. Pops moved down and was leaving some rather impressive hickeys all over Benson's collarbones, making them stand out even more.

"Slide down so you're flat," Pops whispered, lifting himself up so Benson could slide and wiggle down through his legs. This ended with Pops straddling Benson's chest, his erection incredibly close to Benson's face. "You'll be wrapping your lips around that soon enough, my dear; patience."

"Tease," Benson replied, slightly breathless and smiling.

Pops merely smiled and worked his way down so he could abuse Benson's nipples some more, this time with his mouth. Suckling one nipple while working the other over with his fingers, he switched back and forth until he couldn't take anymore, and bit down, nipping sharply and causing Benson to arch his back off the bed with a cry.

Pops shushed Benson, soothing the bite with a gentle swipe of his tongue and blowing on the abused nub. He then worked his mouth over the other nipple and repeated the process, bite and all.

"Please!" Benson felt tears prickling at the edges of his eyes. "Please no more, Pops, I can't, I-I...it's too much!"

"Shh, I'm done there," Pops shushed Benson again, running his hands up and down the younger man's sides to distract him from the oversensitive nipples that were now a deep, dark red on his chest. "That part is over, my dear, I promise. Shh, shh, you don't have to beg."

Benson quieted and Pops moved lower, bypassing the obvious erection that hadn't faltered from the pain in the least and moving to lick Benson's testicles. Pops took his time, sucking the orbs one at a time into his mouth and laving at them with his tongue.

FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", 5e/6

Benson was gripping his pillow like it was his only life-line. The steady pulse of pain-pleasure from both his nipples thrummed throughout his entire body, but Pops sucking on his balls was sending a secondary wave of pleasure over him, making him writhe.

High-Five nudged Pops' mind and was thoroughly ignored. The ghost man took it as a hint and quietly left the older man's body, floating at the foot of the bed to watch. Benson had his legs spread wide and was flushed from his head all the way down his chest, sweating and panting, tears he probably didn't even know he was shedding running over the sides of his face, gripping his pillow under his head like it was the only thing keeping him on the bed instead of floating away. Fives knew the feeling well.

Pops nuzzled further down, licking the creases on each side where Benson's thighs met up with his groin. He smiled up at the sight of Benson coming apart under his hands and mouth. So beautiful when he let somebody else have control.

"Turn over, my dear," Pops commanded softly. Benson did as he was told, whimpering when his nipples came in contact with the bed. "Up on your elbows, Benson; I don't want you getting extra sensation from the bedding when what I'm doing to you ought to be more than enough."

"Thank you," Benson whispered, levering himself up on his elbows and sighing when the bed no longer agonized his abused nubs.

"So polite; that's good," Pops smiled as he spread Benson's legs again and settled between them, then spread the cheeks of Benson's ass. "And you took a shower and cleaned yourself everywhere before our arrival; you really are a marvel, my dear."

"Pops, please," Benson knew what was coming next, "I'm so close to coming, and I want you to keep going...I need you to keep going."

"I know, my dear, I could feel your balls try to draw up even as I had them between my teeth," Pops smiled and slid a hand under Benson, wrapping a hand around the base of his erection and pressing a thumb firmly at the base. "But I plan to enjoy myself here, and you'll come when I'm satisfied." One hand was still enough to keep Benson's cheeks spread, and Pops leaned down to lick at the hole. It tasted slightly of strawberry body wash and something musky that could only be Benson. "Mmm, delicious."

Benson gasped and looked over his shoulder to watch Pops start to rim him. A sparse movement caught his eye; High-Five was floating at one corner of the foot of the bed, trying to figure out the best possible angle to view everything from. When he realized Benson was looking at him, he went invisible, as if he was embarrassed at getting caught. Benson moaned at the next stroke of tongue over his hole; one man rimming him, another intent on watching, and he was so turned on it took all he had not to pass out from how good he felt.

Pops worked his tongue over Benson's hole and perineum, then slowly started working his tongue into Benson's hole, lapping at the fluttering muscle until he gained victory and he was granted access. He kept tonguing Benson, gaining further access and enjoying the melody of Benson moaning his approval of the treatment. A few more sessions like this and Benson would willingly be bending over things and hoping Pops would deign to fuck him, much like the young man that Benson looked so much like had done all those decades ago. Pops smiled as much as he could in his current state and stabbed his tongue forward, searching for Benson's prostate.

Benson cried out when Pops found it, and it was only Pops' firm hold on his erection that kept him from writhing right off the bed. Pops attacked his prostate mercilessly with the tip of his tongue, causing Benson to start begging for release. High-Five floated directly over the bed, watching all of it and wondering what Pops was playing at; the older man was rock-hard, but it didn't look like he was prepping Benson for anal sex, just tonguing Benson to the point that Benson couldn't take it anymore.

"Please, Pops, please let me come," Benson was crying from sensation overload and his inability to have release. "I'll do whatever you want, just please, please, please let me come!"

FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", 5f/6

"Would you suck me off?" Pops asked after he had slowly extracted himself from the younger man.


"Would you let me handcuff you to the bed?"


"Would you let me top you?"

"Anything you want!" Benson was desperate, trying to thrust against the bed even though Pops had too firm a grip on him to actually do it. "Please, Pops, I'm begging you!"

"Not until I'm satisfied," Pops said firmly. He completely let go of Benson and got off the bed, denying the younger man all contact. "You're not allowed to rut against the bed or use your hands to find completion, Benson; that is an order."

Benson knelt on the bed, feeling completely wrecked and staring at Pops. Pops paced back and forth by the headboard, erection jutting out in front of him. Finally, he turned and looked at Benson.

"Flat on your back with you neck resting on the footboard, now." Pops approached once Benson had complied. "You know how to take a man all the way in your mouth and down your throat, yes?"

"Yes," Benson answered quietly.

"Good; relax your throat and open your mouth," Pops fisted his erection, then guided it into Benson's mouth before beginning to push further. "You might want to take a deep breath; I'm not leaving your throat until I've had my release, and you're not getting your release until I've had mine."

Benson took a few shallow breathes before taking in a long, deep breath and Pops pushed all the way into Benson's mouth and throat. Once he was in as far as he could go, he leaned over the younger man and gripped Benson firmly to ensure he couldn't reach his orgasm before Pops was satisfied.

High-Five watched this in complete fascination, and watched as his boss was obviously trying to swallow around the erection lodged in his throat. Benson hummed and reached tentative hands to rest on Pops' hips, only to have his hands batted away. Benson redoubled his efforts, and tried to signal Pops that he needed to breathe.

Benson was ignored.

"Pops, you should let Benson up," High-Five spoke for the first time this evening, worry obvious in his voice.

"He's fine; he can take it for a few moments longer," Pops snapped. "Benson, my dear, if you don't keep swallowing, I'm going to be cross with you."

Benson moaned and swallowed, unable to breathe. The tears returned to his eyes, and just when he thought he might black out, he finally felt Pops' release. Swallowing it all, Benson gasped for air when Pops finally removed himself from the younger man's mouth.

"What the hell, Pops?!" High-Five was frowning. "Benson damn near passed out because he couldn't breathe; not cool."

"If he learned how to deep throat better, it wouldn't have taken so long," Pops quipped at the specter, then looked at Benson. "I thought you were supposed to be good at this sort of thing, my dear; I'm rather disappointed. I did rather hope to take you later tonight, but it seems stretching out your pretty arse has been in vain. You certainly haven't earned the right to feel my cock inside you."

"Pops," Benson whispered hoarsely, trying to sit up.

"But you did eventually get me off, so I guess you earned this at least," Pops started stroking Benson's erection roughly and quickly, earning a groan from the younger man. "Come for me, my dear."

Benson came with a shout, arching off the bed before sagging onto it, completely spent.

"I know you want a cuddle," Pops rearranged Benson so his head was on a pillow, then turned him on his side so Pops could spoon up behind him. "Better?"

"Yes," Benson sighed, feeling good in his post-orgasm haze.

"High-Five? Would you be a good chap and share a body with Benson for a moment?"

High-Five slid into Benson and whispered soft, reassuring words to his boss, hugging and kissing the mentality he shared a body with at this moment.

FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", 5g/6

'If he tells you anything other than how wonderful you are in bed, I don't want you to believe him, okay boss?' High-Five whispered to Benson's mind. 'Because I've been with you, and I can tell you that without a doubt, you are amazing. If he tells you differently, it's because he's got something planned for you, and it can't be good.'

'I know, Fives,' Benson thought in reply. 'As good as that rimming was, he's not getting a call back for more. Thanks for trying to stick up for me when I couldn't talk.'

"You know, Benson," Pops licked the shell of Benson's ear as he whispered, "you would be a perfect sometimes-companion if I took you under my wing for a bit more training. As you are now, you're...well...not exactly what I had hoped for; adequate at best, really."

"Get. Out." Benson said, voice still hoarse but strong nonetheless. "Gather up your clothes and leave."

"I thought you liked being held after," Pops fondled Benson a little, hoping to get a reaction that might work in his favor.

"I do; what I don't like is being held down and not being able to breathe," Benson snapped. He tried to get away from Pops, but Pops held him firmly with one arm while the other snaked down and a finger slid into Benson's hole. Benson gasped, "Don't!"

"But why?" Pops smirked as his finger started pressing hard on Benson's prostate. "I know you like what I do to you; I have so many plans for what we can do next time."

'Fives, help!'

'On it,' High-Five phased right from Benson into Pops' body and forcibly took over, shoving Pops' mind into a prison cell of High-Five's own imagining.

"I've got control, boss," High-Five said with Pops' voice. Easing his borrowed finger from Benson's body, he stroked down Benson's flank as he released the hold that Pops had had on Benson.

Benson simply turned around and buried his face in High-Five's borrowed neck, trying not to cry. High-Five merely wrapped his arms around Benson, cradling him.

"Thank you," Benson finally said once he got himself under control. "I...I didn't know what Pops was going to do to me; he's stronger than he looks and I could barely budge."

"I'll get him dressed and walk him back over to the park house," High-Five offered. "I'll put him to bed and knock him out. Then I'll fly back here so you won't be alone."

"Fine," Benson whispered, then kissed High-Five, "don't be long, Fives."

High-Five made Pops run all the way back to the park house, crept up the stairs to Pops' bedroom, got him ready for bed, and then left Pops' body after mentally beating Pops with a baseball bat. No bruises on the outside, but Pops' ego would never be the same, and he'd never look at Benson with lust ever again. Pops was mentally exhausted and fell asleep before High-Five even left his body.

The ghost man flew as fast as he could to Benson's apartment. Once inside, he quickly made his way to the bedroom, and heard water running in the bathroom. Knocking on the door, High-Five entered and saw Benson scrubbing at himself.

"Boss?" High-Five floated into the shower stall. "Are you okay?"

"No," Benson scrubbed at his arms and chest, wincing when he brushed over his nipples, "no I am not okay, Fives. I just had the person who I thought was a sweet older man with a slightly devious sexual streak turn out to be a sadistic wolf in sheep's clothing."

"I know, I was there," High-Five sighed and slipped himself into Benson, frowning at the whirling mess his mental landscape had become; he couldn't even see Benson's mental image of himself under the mess. 'Boss, let me help.'

'I don't know how you can,' Benson thought dejectedly.

'Let me stay in your body tonight; I promise you'll feel better in the morning,' High-Five started to work, putting things back in their rightful place, finally unearthing Benson's mind, which had been hiding under a desk.

'Fine,' Benson thought as he finished his shower. He refused to sleep on his bed, instead going to the couch. When he settled down, he closed his eyes and saw High-Five floating in the darkness.

'Let me hold you, sir,' High-Five held out his hand. Benson went willingly, letting himself be lulled to sleep knowing that he was being held by a strong arm connected to a mischievous and kind soul.

Re: FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", 5g/6

Pops as a sadistic villain? Wow! IDK what to say. I think you made Benson/Fives my number one ship. You made Fives so sweet~

Re: comment

Thanks for the compliment! I was initially going to write this really sweet chapter where Pops is honestly too shy, and it was all hearts and rainbows and fluffy bunny cuddles, but it was so boring once I wrote it out that I scrapped it. I've always had the feeling that Pops is a lot darker than everybody thinks, and he just hides it really well.

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