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you're fired
Yeah why not. Go crazy.

* No flames or general nastiness.

* Post anon, named, w/e you want.

* You can request non-porn/non-romance/gen fics and so on! Whether it's porn or not is up to you

* Don't double post requests

* Multiple fills per single request are fine

* Fanart is always welcome.

* Include a warning if your fill includes triggery content. When in doubt, leave a trigger warning


Skips/Benson please
regular version of humans, you make the call

i need some coffee :I

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First time frottage. Human versions pretty pretty plz?

on this bb

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the oh-so-canon Benson/Pops?

...where benson feels sexually frustrated around pops and tricks pops into sex through "fixing his machinery"

Bonus points if Benson is in denial mentally about being gay

writing rn

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Rigby and Mordecai, hidden somewhere in the park, mutual oral and anal sex, kissing, all that stuff, Benson masturbating while spying on them. Non-human forms.

Second this notion!

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Mordecai and Benson from the original short pleeease :D

i will do't

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Benson/ someone- Comfort Sex

After Benson goes through the trauma of unicorn-molestation, Mordecai/Skips/Pops (whichever you choose ;D ) comforts him and eventually Benson starts to feel a bit more comfortable around them to the point of love (sappy yes i know)

normal forms if you please :3c

trust 1/? (TW sexual assault, internalized victim blaming)

Benson was sure he would be fine. It had been awful, of course, he acknowledged that, breathing in and out deeply, the way he had been taught after the first time something like this had happened. He'd been untied and untaped by Skips, who told him in so many words he had sent Mordecai and Rigby to round up the unicorns so they could take care of them, and take care of them they did. Whether Skips knew at this point what they had done to him, he wasn't sure, but there was a certain satisfaction in being handed the remote that would detonate their car and having to press the button that would eradicate them. He was sure, at that point, that he would be fine, and that that certain satisfaction would help to repress the memory of their stupid hooves all over him and the utter helplessness he felt. He was sure.

The night wore into the day as the five of them (Pops had offered to help, too) cleaned up parts of the house, leaving the biggest messes for Mordecai and Rigby to deal with. He hosed them off, said his piece, and stormed off to his office. The gravity of the event that had passed only hours before suddenly sank in; he felt hollow. He could still feel their hooves stealing from his body what little virtue it had left, but even more so he could feel every pair of hands or analogous appendages that felt it was alright to simply reach out and touch his crank, or even worse, turn it. He remembered the first time it happened, bright-eyed and going to school, and the group of kids who liked to pick on him realized he was, in fact, a gum ball machine, and decided to take as many gum balls as they could from him before being disturbed by his fevered pleading that they stop. He remembered that it seemed like hours before anyone found him, in the snow somewhere, on a tree-lawn or something, just laying there. Maybe it was hours, he was never really sure. There had been other times that followed, but some melded together and others were to repressed to recall correctly; after every time he assured himself that they didn't know that what they were doing was so very sexual for him.
In the rush of memories, he found himself curled up on the floor, eyes wide and staring into the faux wood-grain pattern on his desk. A knock came at his door, breaking his trance; he stood and answered it. Skips stood in his door, looking as stoic as ever.

"Benson, those two are--" he began, but stopped and stared at him for a moment. "Are you crying?"

Benson noticed now that he had been, but smiled and shook his head. "No, no, it must be-- be allergies. I mean, they dry my eyes out a lot."

Skips looked unconvinced. "Huh. You've never had them before--"

"It's just allergies, Skips. Just allergies."

Deciding to leave well enough alone, he went on, saying, "Those two are working pretty hard and I have this under control, so if you wanted to go home and sleep for a little while, I can handle the rest."

"I don't know if I can leave with the park like this, in shambles…"

"Don't worry about it."

"What if Maellard stops in? He'd kill me. I need to be here."

"Suit yourself," Skips shrugged and stepped out the door. Before closing it, though, he said, "Sometimes I feel like you don't trust me at all with this park."

"I trust you, I just worry," Benson said, though quietly, not looking at him at all. Skips said nothing, only shrugging again and closing the door behind him as he left.

Benson spent the rest of the day distracting himself with menial tasks, paper work, drinking too much coffee and fading in and out of consciousness only to find himself reliving the night before in his dreams, waking and shuddering and trying to forget. He went home at the end of the day with a cluster headache, exhausted, desperately needing to bathe. Sleep didn't come easy, but when it did, it was thankfully dreamless.

The next day, he came into work wearing a shirt and tie. Pops told him he looked dapper, Mordecai and Rigby asked if there was something special going on in the park that day, and Skips said nothing, simply raising an eyebrow, a gesture which Benson found himself replying with a vehement defensiveness.


On a whim, Mordecai gets into the habit of teasing Benson. Benson is mortified to find that he enjoys the attention (though the teasing still pisses him off) and Mordecai is mortified to find that he's starting to think that Benson is adorable.

Re: Mordecai/Benson

Why hasn't anyone answered this yet? This prompt is effing adorable.

If no one else is going to fill it, I may do it. It may take a bit of time, though.

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What if Rigby, while snooping around Mordecai's side of the room, discovers some sex toys. When Mordecai comes in and sees, he becomes flustered and incredibly embarrassed, trying to get Rigby to put them back and go away. Rigby then comes up with an idea, what would happen if he used these on Mordecai? Think of the possibilities!

Basically, Rigby. Mordecai. Sex toys.

Make it happen, anon.

I'll do this one.
It might take a while though.

Pops/Skips, possible Pops/Skips/Benson, Sex Ed, safe sex, oral, anal, the works!

Skips is tasked with giving Pops Sex Ed lessons, mainly because Mr. Maellard is worried his son will be tricked into doing something stupid and get somebody pregnant or catch some horrible disease.

However, Pops doesn't like reading about sex (the clinical pictures make him uncomfortable), so Skips has to give Pops hands-on Sex Ed lessons so that he'll actually learn something. Because this is Sex Ed lessons, safe sex is a must!

Bonus points if Skips decides Pops needs to learn about threesomes and has Benson join them.

Extra bonus points if Pops gets possessive with Skips (and Benson, if the threesome thing happens).

Re: Pops/Skips, possible Pops/Skips/Benson, Sex Ed, safe sex, oral, anal, the works!

writing thiiis

A simple one : Mordecai and Rigby, (eventually) first time sex. Rigby gives Mordecai head, and afterwarw, Mordecai realises it's not really possible for him to give head, because of his beak, so he (reluctantly) lets Rigby top him to make it up.
And it's awesome.

writing this one

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Mordecai on a date with Margaret. Everything goes very fine, but he finds out about that she's a dude (the "male cardinal" theory) right before the actual sex. Margaret doesn't let Mordecai back up, and makes him her (his?) bitch.
Dominant sex or actual rape, you choose.

Benson/Mordecai, manacles, bondage

Benson is sick of Rigby and Modecai goofing off and not being where they should be, so he threatens to manacle one or both of them if they're caught not working again. He even orders a set of manacles online to make good on his threat, with the ability to manacle a person and attach them to either a tree or lamp post.

Of course the two slackers can't help but goof off or do something other than work, but only Mordecai gets caught. Modecai is immensely turned on that Benson is going so far to keep him in line.

Normal or human versions are fine.
Captcha says: instance extreme


Boy, Bensonxmordecai sure is populaR O_O......

This is really not the place for this sort of thing. If you have any discussiony type stuff to post, please post it here: http://cleanupthismess.livejournal.com/778.html

Benson/Pops, first time, gumball slot penetration with a side of schmoop.


Muscleman is moping about his ex-GF(may take place during Muscle Woman??)
Fives tries to comfort him. MM tells him that he feels empty and Fives offers to fill in the void.

Re: Muscleman/Hi-Fives

b/c I can't write worth shit, I instead offer my mediocre art skills:
goddamn you, I didn't even ship Muscleman/Highfives until now ffff-

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