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you're fired
Yeah why not. Go crazy.

* No flames or general nastiness.

* Post anon, named, w/e you want.

* You can request non-porn/non-romance/gen fics and so on! Whether it's porn or not is up to you

* Don't double post requests

* Multiple fills per single request are fine

* Fanart is always welcome.

* Include a warning if your fill includes triggery content. When in doubt, leave a trigger warning


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FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", 6a/6

6. Mr. Maellard - Cross-dressing, BJ, striptease

"Bean-Teen, get in my office," Mr. Maellard huffed as his park manager shuffled in, "and close the door; it's drafty in here."

"Yes sir," Benson replied, then quietly, "and it's 'Benson', sir."

"Whatever," Mr. Maellard rolled his eyes. "You're here because it is time for your annual review, where I decide whether or not to give you a raise. The park is running just fine, as I've seen from the Park Manager's Journal. I also see that you've improved Rigby's work ethic with a side contract, which in turn has improved Mordecai's work ethic, which is impressive. Skips and my son seem to be, as usual, good employees who do all their work. High-Five Ghost and Muscle Man are working independently of each other, with the Ghost improving but Muscle Man having some issues with golf carts."

"High-Five has been a great asset to the park, sir," Benson nodded. "It helps that he can get into high places without anybody having to worry that he'll fall and hurt himself. Muscle Man has had relationship trouble, and the golf carts have suffered a bit for it, but I'm sure once he gets over his rough patch with his girlfriend he'll be back to performing admirably."

"Well, I think with this kind of overall improvement, you certainly could do with a raise...but I'm not convinced you want to keep working here," Mr. Maellard let a smile crawl onto his face, and Benson felt an immediate urge to bolt; Pops got his sadistic smile from his old man.

"Sir?" Benson kept in his seat but suddenly wished he had taken up High-Five's offer to let him tag along.

"How about a little proof of loyalty to your job by doing something for this old man?" Mr. Maellard let his smile turn into a leer. "Tomorrow you'll go down to the tailor's on Main and 5th Avenue; ask for Pierre, and he'll take your measurements. Next week, I'll come around to the park again and ask to have a private meeting with you. You'll change into what I give you, and then you'll entertain me for the afternoon."

"What kind of entertainment, sir?"

"I might have you do a little strip tease for me, or maybe you'll just help me feel young and frisky again by using those nice hands and even nicer mouth of yours," Mr. Maellard's eyes sparkled. "It all depends on how I feel that day. What do you say?"

"Is this...sir, is this the only way I can prove my loyalty and get my raise?"

"Yes, take it and I'll see you next week, or leave it and get no raise this year."

"I'll take it, sir," Benson replied, eyes on the floor.

"Very good, Bennigan, now get out of my office."

Benson left Mr. Maellard's office, going to his own and shutting, then locking, the door. High-Five Ghost was waiting for him.

"So how did it go? You getting a raise, boss?"

"Fives, you know that big favor you owe me that you refuse to say I cashed in when you saved me from Pops? Well I'm sure as hell cashing it now."

"Whoa whoa whoa, what happened?"

"I don't get the raise I earned until I do a little something for Mr. Maellard."

"What little something?"

"Well, I'm going tomorrow to the tailor's to get measured for some kind of outfit, and next week Mr. Maellard is going to present it to me to wear for the full-afternoon one-on-one meeting we'll be having. I might have to striptease, I might have to blow him; he wasn't too specific except for the fact that I'll be playing dress-up."

"So Pops took after his old man?"

"I think so," Benson shivered, wrapping his arms around himself. "They sure as hell leer the same."

"I am so sorry I talked you into going for it with Pops," High-Five frowned. "I know I've said it about a billion times in the past couple of weeks, but seriously, boss, I am so sorry."

"It's not you're fault, but I'm glad as hell that you were there," Benson walked over and sat in his chair. "I want you to stowaway for my meeting next week with Mr. Maellard."

"You want me to take over for you?" High-Five offered. "I can shut away your mind; you'll have a black space in your memory so you won't have to remember anything he does with your body."

"No, you won't be my surrogate," Benson smiled, "you're my insurance policy in case Mr. Maellard is anything like Pops when it comes to BJs."

The plan set, each man went about his daily chores for the park.

FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", 6b/6

The next day Benson went to the tailor. High-Five had the day off, so he insisted on playing stowaway, saying he would go invisible and snoop around the tailor shop to see what kind of fetish clothing they made and see if he could find the work order Mr. Maellard had placed.

The tailor shop was incredibly ordinary inside. High-Five slipped away immediately, beginning his search at the front desk as Benson asked for Pierre. When Pierre, an older man who had glasses so thick it was hard to even see what his eyes really looked like, came to bring Benson back to the measuring room, High-Five flew into the back office and started rifling through paperwork. He found what he was looking for and read over the order before finding Benson and, staying invisible, watched his boss.

Pierre finished taking Benson's measurements, including his shoe and hat size, and ordered Benson to stay where he was until he had his accessories. When Pierre returned almost ten minutes later, it was with a large bag, a shoe box on top of everything, hiding everything else beneath it. Benson thanked Pierre for his time and left.

'Find anything interesting?' Benson finally asked.

'In fine old man pervert tradition, you'll be wearing a French maid uniform,' High-Five replied. 'Please tell me you know how to walk in heels without twisting or breaking your ankle.'

'I think that's why I was given the shoes early,' Benson walked until he was back in his apartment, and High-Five left his body. "Let's see what else is in here, shall we?"

Five minutes later, the coffee table in front of the couch was devoid of magazine and coasters, but full of undergarments and accessories for the outfit. Everything was black, except for a few white accents. There was a garterbelt to go with the thigh-high stockings, the kind with the seam up the back. There was the requisite frilly hairband/cap, as well as makeup. There were also panties and a corset, the kind that laced up the back. The finishing touch were the shiny, black, four-inch stilleto heels.

"I'm going to break myself if I walk in those," Benson said, eying them distastefully.

"Why don't you try on everything else first?" High-Five suggested. "I can help you lace up the corset. Once you're in the rest of the undergarments, you'll probably be able to put on the shoes with a better idea of how you can move. Corsets can restrict how you move and breathe."

"Alright," Benson stripped out of his clothes then and there, and started putting on all the undergarments. High-Five helped lace and secure the corset, and giggled when Benson put on the frilly cap. The stockings went on last, secured by the garterbelt. Standing up, Benson turned his back to High-Five. "Are they on straight?"

"Yep, good job," High-Five leered. "What I wouldn't do for an actual body right now, boss; you look good enough to eat."

"I'm going to look ridiculous when I put on those heels," Benson replied, grabbing the shoes and sitting down again to put them on. Shoes on, he slowly stood up again, only to wobble dangerously. He took a few tentative steps towards the bedroom.

"I might be able to help," High-Five said softly, phasing into Benson's body. 'Let me have control for a bit, sir.' Just like with Muscle Man's body, High-Five taking over made Benson's body a bit more graceful, and walking suddenly became much easier.

They ended up in front of Benson's full-length mirror, the only bit of real vanity that Benson allowed himself other than his drum set.

'You look amazing, sir,' High-Five, still in control of Benson's body, ran the borrowed hands over himself, and turned to the side so he could see more of Benson's body. 'So sexy...I had a body of my own so I could fuck you nice and slow. Just take the panties down far enough but leave everything on you while I prep and take you.'

'Fives!' Benson looked at himself in the mirror and decided he could be okay looking like this for a little while. 'You really need to not say stuff like that when you're piloting my body; now I'm horny.'

'We can take care of it together,' High-Five replied, smiling. 'Let's get on the bed, sir.'

Benson allowed High-Five to pilot them onto the bed, where they spent the rest of the afternoon, and Benson finally conceded that the heels weren't that bad after all.

FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", 6c/6

A week later, Benson could walk in the heels without help from High-Five, although if he turned to quickly he still wobbled a bit. High-Five had come over in the morning to help Benson put the corset on, and Benson dressed as he normally would but brought the heels and cap with him in a bag.

When Mr. Maellard came by in the afternoon with a large package under one arm. Everybody was having lunch and they greeted him, asking about the package. Mr. Maellard ignored the question, then acted like he had forgotten something important about park business, and requested that 'Bernard' come up to his office as soon as he was finished with his meal. High-Five floated away early, saying something about trimming trees and doing his weekly kite check, though he just phased through a couple walls and a ceiling to get into Benson's office.

Benson finished his sandwich rather quickly, assured everybody that Mr. Maellard coming back in just a week was no big deal and that he was sure whatever business he was talking about just meant they might have to do another movie night to raise park funds and attendance, then left the table and went to his office, where he grabbed his bag and let High-Five stowaway in his body.

Climbing the stairs and seeing the door open, Benson quickly entered and shut the door behind him, locking it without having to be told. Facing Mr. Maellard had the package open on his desk, the French Maid outfit finished. There was a closet in Mr. Maellard's office that Benson could change in, and Benson, with only a nod to his boss, took up the costume and went into the closet to change.

The costume fit perfectly, and with the heels on and the little headband-cap in place, High-Five left Benson's body for a moment to take a look before stowing away again.

'Boss, please think about keeping the costume if the old man lets you,' High-Five hugged Benson's mind. 'I promise to give you a lot better memories of you wearing this get up than whatever Mr. M has in store.'

'I'll think about do I look?'

'Remember what I said during the first time you tried on all this stuff, about taking you nice and slow? Well now I want to do it all night long, on every fucking surface of your apartment and your office.'

'I look that good?'

'If the old man doesn't have a stroke seeing you like this, there is something wrong with him,' High-Five smiled.

Benson smiled inwardly, while outwardly he took a breath and let it out slowly. 'Okay, let's do this, Fives.' Benson opened the door and stepped confidently out, approaching Mr. Maellard's desk and sitting on one of the corners.

"Is this what you wanted, sir?" Benson asked, letting his voice go a bit higher and breathy.

"Such a pretty young man," Mr. Maellard reached out and pulled the skirt up a bit, taking in Benson's legs. "Lovely. Get up and walk back and forth in front of me; I want to see how well you move in those shoes."

'Let me take over, boss; he wants graceful, I can tell.'

'Alright,' Benson felt himself become a passenger in his body as High-Five took control of everything except what was necessary for Benson to keep talking. "Did you want to play any music while I do this for you, Mr. Maellard?"

"You know, that is a splendid idea, Bertie," the old man got up and toddled over to a record player, going through a stack of records before selecting one and setting it to play. The sound of a big band emitted from the record player, an instrumental that was slightly upbeat. "Would you mind doing a few twirls for me while you walk?"

"Whatever you'd like, sir," Benson replied, coyly smiling for the old man and playing up what he was obviously supposed to do.

High-Five strutted gracefully around the room, and twirled Benson's body around, the black skirt and fluffy, white tulle underskirts lifting up as he did so and showing off Benson's underwear and garterbelt. Both young men realized that Mr. Maellard was seated at his desk again, being rather unsubtle as he fondled himself.

FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", 6d/6

"You know, it's a bit warm in here, Benjamin," Mr. Maellard said after a few minutes, smiling. "Why don't you slip out of that stuffy outfit and get a bit more comfortable?"

"Of course, sir," Benson smiled at him, turning his back so Mr. Maellard could watch as he lowered the zipper slowly. "Thank you for being so thoughtful; it is way too warm in here."

High-Five slowly turned around and worked Benson's arms out of the short puffy sleeves, then crossed the arms in front of him, grabbed the outfit by the now loose sleeves, and pulled it off of Benson, over his head. Turning around again, High-Five sauntered over to the closet and made a show of hanging up the garment.

"Do you think I could keep this outfit sir?" Benson asked as High-Five turned his body to face the old man. Benson could feel his face heating up a little, fueled by a few naughty whispers from High-Five. "I really like it...and I could always wear it for you again."

"Of course you can keep it, pretty boy," Mr. Maellard patted the corner of the desk that Benson had sat on before. "Come over here and let me take a look at you, now that you have that stuffy outer layer off."

High-Five and Benson approached, and High-Five was very careful to take over Benson's face so that the park manager wouldn't flinch when Mr. Maellard slid one of his hands from Benson's knee to his hip, then to the inside curve of his thigh.

"Pierre does such good work; everything fits you well," Mr. Maellard said as the record quieted in between songs. "You really are a pretty boy; and the way you move in those shoes shows how graceful you can be. I am impressed; most men in your position would have broken their ankles by now."

"Have you made a lot of men walk about like this for you, sir?" Benson asked, coy smile firmly in place. "I can imagine you get bored easily if you don't have proper entertainment."

"Such a pretty mouth too; you're barely wearing any of the makeup I know Pierre gave you," Mr. Maellard ignored the question and stared at Benson's face. "It does make me wonder, though, what that pretty mouth can do."

"What would you like it to do, sir?"

"How about we play a game," Mr. Maellard let a small leer twist his mouth. "I'm going to make some business phone calls. You are going to get down underneath the desk here. While I make this phone calls, I want you to use that pretty little mouth to get me off. If you get me off just using your mouth, your raise is yours and I won't keep you here any longer, you can go back to work. However, if I stutter a word because of what you do with your mouth on me, I'll double your raise...but it comes with a catch."

"And what would that be, Mr. Maellard sir?" Benson leaned forward, playing up the image the old man wanted.

"Next year I'll be expecting something more from you than just your mouth on me if you want a raise," Mr. Maellard smiled the same smile that Pops had used, and High-Five had to struggle with Benson to keep him from flinching or even bolting. "What do you say?"

'Let me possess him, boss,' High-Five pleaded. 'Let me possess him, I can fake his demeanor and nobody will know for years. You know he's just going to stutter and stumble over his words as soon as you start blowing him, and then he'll be expecting you to bend over his desk next year, I can practically guarantee it.'

'He's old; who's to say he's even going to be alive next year for my raise?' Benson replied to his stowaway. Outwardly he smiled and nodded to Mr. Maellard. "It sounds like a deal to me, sir. Would you mind backing up a bit so I can get under the desk?"

'Boss, this is a bad idea,' High-Five warned.

'Fives, this is a bad situation,' Benson lowered himself to his knees and crawled under the desk after Mr. Maellard made room for him. 'I'm personally hoping what I'm about to do to him kills him, and you can have a marionette to play with whenever you feel like having a body.'

'But then I'd only be able to have old-man sex with you, and that's just not appealing,' High-Five snickered. 'Plus, Mr. M has not aged well; dude is fugly, Benson, and I like my marionettes a little nicer looking than that. Fuck, Muscle Man's face is a vast improvement to this guy.'

Re: FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", 6d/6

Oh no! What happens next? I'm kind of scared.

FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", 6e/6

'Oh my god, will you hush?' Benson was trying not to snicker as he unzipped Mr. Maellard's pants. 'I can't be laughing while I blow him.'

'Fine,' High-Five huffed, 'but I'll be making fun of him after you're done.'

'Whatever,' Benson ordered, freeing Mr. Maellard's half-hard dick from his underwear. Giving it a couple of strokes, he got no response.

'Should I at least possess him so he can get it up all the way?' High-Five was laughing outright.

'Will you stop?' Benson started licking at Mr. Maellard's dick, trying to get it fully erect. Not even a twitch.

Mr. Maellard smirked and started dialing the first phone number on his list of contacts, practically ignoring Benson under the desk. Benson took the half-erect dick into his mouth, trying to get a response. After a lot of licking and sucking, he finally got the old man fully erect.

'Now to actually get him off,' Benson mentally frowned. 'Fives, how many phone calls has the old man made?'

'He just hung up from his second call,' Fives replied. 'And he's not doing any business, either; in fact, it sounds like he's speaking in some sort of code.'

'Can you possess him without him realizing you're there?'

'Yeah, but it's a little tricky.'

'Think you can find his sex drive and prod it a little?' Benson started deep throating Mr. Maellard's erection, getting not so much as an eye twitch in response from the old man.

'Sure thing boss,' High-Five shrunk his presence down as small as he could before he started subtly snooping. Mr. Maellard had imagined his sex drive as a car; a car so unused that it had mental cobwebs on it. High-Five carefully dusted those off before turning the ignition.

Mr. Maellard's consciousness immediately focused in on the sex drive, now running. High-Five spirited away before he could be found out. As expected, the old man tried to turn off his sex drive...but failed. With Benson still deep-throating his cock, Mr. Maellard was unable to shut down his sex drive now that it had started up.

Benson could feel the change in Mr. Maellard, and knew High-Five had been successful. Benson hummed as he deep-throated the old man's erection and was rewarded when Mr. Maellard clutched at his desk with his free hand and stuttered several words in a row. High-Five phased back into Benson just as Mr. Maellard hung up the phone from his third call.

"Such a pretty boy and I had no idea you were so...talented," Mr. Maellard whispered. "This is the first time in years that a mouth on me there aroused me so-oooooh!" He came, clutching Benson's head but releasing him soon after. Benson made sure to drink everything down before tucking the spent dick back in the old man's trousers.

"Did I make you happy, sir?"

"My dear pretty boy, you made me very happy," Mr. Maellard took out his checkbook. "So much so that I'm giving you a bonus on top of that double raise." With a flourish of his pen, he wrote out a check. Ripping it from his checkbook, he handed it over with a smile. "Go and get dressed, Benson; have the rest of the day off."

"Thank you so much, sir," Benson accepted the check and smiled. "I really appreciate this!" Benson got up and walked to the closet before checking how much the bonus was for, then blinked.

'Boss, he's probably so happy to find his sex drive still actually works that he's not thinking clearly,' High-Five snickered. 'There is no way he actually wanted to give you $5,000 for a blowjob.'

'Exactly; I need to get to a bank,' Benson got his regular clothes on, then folded the maid costume as small as he could to fit it in the bag with the heels and cap before exiting the closet. "Have a good day, Mr. Maellard, and thank you for the raise and the bonus!"

"Thank you, Benson," Mr. Maellard gave a slightly dazed wave from behind his desk. "Enjoy your afternoon and tell everybody, including my son, to stay away from my office on your way out; I'll be taking a nap."

"Will do sir," Benson left the office and ran to his own. Grabbing up the walkie-talkie, he issued the warning to stay away from Mr. Maellard's office, and that Benson himself was leaving the park for the rest of the day. Nobody seemed to miss that High-Five was leaving too, and so they left together, headed for the bank.

Re: FILL: "5x Benson Gave an Employee an "Incentive" & 1x He Was The Employee", 6e/6

Better than expected. It was as gross as I imagined, but all right. I can't wait for the extra fill :B

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